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We offer our treatments and services with our clients in mind. This means that we have priced our services to be competitive without compromising on quality. Take a look through our pricing to see what we can offer. If you'd like to book an appointment, simply give us a call or book online.

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Chloë | Beauty & Aesthetics £
Egyptian Rose Jelly Face Mask30min£15.00
Petal Infusion Jelly Face Mask30min£15.00
Avocado Jelly Face Mask30min£15.00
Charcoal Jelly Face Mask30min£15.00
Green Tea Jelly Face Mask30min£15.00
24k Gold Jelly Face Mask30min£15.00
Skin Booster1h 30min - 2hfrom £150
Fat Dissolving30minfrom £150
B12 Injection15min£40.00
Nano Needling30min£50.00
The Chloë Glow Facial45min£100.00
The Chloë Rejuvenation Facial1h£135
Stretch Mark Removal Per Area30min£80.00
Vitamin C Injection from £40
Biotin Injectionfrom £50
Glowtox Facialfrom £225
Anti Wrinkle Injections1 Area (Crows Feet)£170
2 Areas (Forehead & Frown)£200
3 Areas (All Above)£240
Dermal Fillers
Filler Dissolving£150
Chin Enhancement1ml£175
Nasolabial Lines1ml£175
Cheek Enhancement1ml£175
Jawline Enhancement1ml£175
Lip Enhancement1ml£180
Dermal Filler Contour Packages
Chloë | Lashes £
Lash / Brow 02farm Botox20min£5.00
Full Set Classic Lashes2h 30minfrom £45.00
Classic Infills2hfrom £35.00
Full Set Hybrid Lashes2h 30minfrom £50.00
Hybrid Lashes2hfrom £40.00
Full Set PRE - MADE Volume Lashes2h 30minfrom £55.00
PRE - MADE Volume Infills2hfrom £45.00
Full Set Russian Volume4hfrom £65.00
Russian Volume Infills3h 30minfrom £55.00
Bottom Lash Extensions30minfrom £10.00
Lash Extension Removal & Cleanse1hfrom £15.00
Lash Lift 360°1h - 1h 30minfrom £45.00
LL360° + Plump or Glaze1h 15min£53.50
LL360° + Lash Lift + Lash Tint1h 30min£56.00
LL360° + Plump + Glaze1h 30min£62.00
LL360° + Lash Tint + Plump1h 30min£67.00
Lash Tint30min£11.00
Chloë | Brow Menu £
Henna Brows2h£40.00
Eyebrow Wax20minfrom £8.00
Eyebrow Tint15minfrom £11.00
HD Brows45min - 1hfrom £25.00
Brow Lamination1h 30minfrom £50.00
The Chloë Brow2h£60
Chloë | Spray Tanning £
Sienna X Spray Tanning30minfrom £15.00
Chloë | Hair Dressing & Barbering £
Rough Dry15minFree
Wash & Blowdry35min - 45minfrom £18.00
Hair Treatment30minfrom £15.00
Occasional Hair Up1hfrom £23.00
Bridal Hair1hfrom £30
Straightening30minfrom £8
GHD Curls30minfrom £15.00
Plaits & Braids30minfrom £8.00
Wet Cut30min - 40minfrom £18.00
Wash, Cut & Blowdry1h - 1h 15minfrom £25.00
Wash, Restyle & Blowdry1h 30minfrom £42.00
Fringe Trim15minfrom £3.50
Add Fringe15minfrom £5.00
All Over Colour1h 25minfrom £55.00
Root Colour1h 10minfrom £40.00
Fullhead Highlights1h 55minfrom £62.00
Halfhead Highlights1h 25minfrom £48.00
T-Section Highlights1h 15minfrom £32.00
Full Head Colour & Foils1h 55minfrom £60.00
Toner25minfrom £14.00
Slices1h 25minfrom £25.00
Balayage, Ombre & Root Melt2h 10min - 3h 10minfrom £52.00
Gents Clipper Cut All Over20minfrom £8.00
Gents Wash, Scissors & Clipper35minfrom £15.00
Gents Wash, Cut & Style1hfrom £20.00
Beth | Hair By Beth £
Wet Restyle1h£32.00
Freehand Bleaching1h 45minfrom £45.00
Bridal Hair1hfrom £30.00
Occasion Hair1hfrom £23.00
Rough Dry30minFree
Half Head Highlights1h 25minfrom £48.00
T-Section Highlights1h 15minfrom £32.00
Toner25minfrom £10.00
Root Colour1h 10min£40.00
Colour and Foils1h 55minfrom £60.00
Children's Wet Cut45min£12
Children's Dry Cut30minfrom £6
Children's Wash, Cut and Blowdry1h£21.00
Full Head Highlights1h 40min - 1h 55minfrom £58.00
All Over Colour1h 20minfrom £55.00
French / Dutch Plaits45minfrom £8.00
Straightening30minfrom £8
GHD Curls1hfrom £15
Add Fringe15min£5
Fringe Trim15min£3.50
All Over Clipped Cut15minfrom £8
Dry Restyle45min£25
Wash, Restyle & Blowdry1h 30min£42
Wash & Blowdry30min - 1hfrom £18.00
Wash, Cut & Blowdry1h - 1h 15minfrom £25.00
Wet Hair Cut45min - 1hfrom £18.00
Dry Hair Cut30minfrom £12

*Patch test required 48 hours prior to application for Lash & Brow Treatments & £20.00 Treatment deposit required apon patch testing*

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